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Best Alternative Treatments for Obesity & Alopecia


Blisso Clinic is an Integrated Holistic Clinic which specializes in the following:

  1. Slimming & Weight loss treatments using a variety of holistic alternate treatments & customized diet recommendation plans
  2. Hair loss & Alopecia treatments using proven Naturopathy and Homeopathy treatments
  3. Acne treatments



1. Slimming and Obesity Control

Obesity is the root cause of many lifestyle diseases,hence need to be controlled at the early stage. True wellness is about taking preventive precautionary measures sooner then later.

At Blisso we customize the treatment as per individual requirement varying from person to person for weightloss and obesity control.

Desired weight loss is achieved according to BMI without any crash diet, nutritional deficiencies or side effects.



2.  Alopecia Treatments & Hair-Fall Control

The food water pollution stress and today’s lifestyle has affected our natural ability to recoup itself and has made it necessary for external treatment..
At Blisso we treat different hair conditions by customizing to individual requirement with integrated treatments with no side effects which is 100% safe and natural without chemicals.

1. Naturopathy treatment
2. Homeopathic treatment


3.  Anti-Acne Treatments

Anti-Acne treatments with holistic medicines without any side-effects is provided.

At Blisso we believe that most chemical based cosmetics can harm the skin in long term and deprive you of your skin’s natural qualities.




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